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cbd pain management

Vijaya Oil and its Benefits for Pain Management

CBD oil has shown great benefits for pain management, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. Pain management can be complex especially because it stems from different conditions and reasons. Chronic pain can be due to biological issues, moods, environment and surroundings,

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Hemp seed Products India

What are Hemp Seeds and What are Its Benefits?

Cannabis sativa, or hemp as it is more commonly known is cultivated through India and abroad for a variety of reasons. The different parts of this plant have different benefits, and literally every part of this plant including the seeds

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Historical Names of Vijaya in Ayurveda

History of Vijaya Extract in Indian Ayurveda

In recent times, the importance of the Vijaya Extract has been in spotlight a lot.   Today, a lot of people are conflict between using Vijaya extract for medicinal purposes or to believe in rumors. But there is much more

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Vijaya - A Sustainable Solution to Arthritis

Vijaya: A Sustainable Solution to Arthritis

As of today, 25% of the current world population suffers from arthritis.   While we walk, move and continually add stress to our joints without providing the time and nutrition we need to recuperate, our joints and bones begin to

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How does the Miracle Medicine help in Fighting Insomnia

How does CBD help in Fighting Insomnia?

The fast-paced world comes with both its benefits and detriments. While you are moving consistently to achieve your dreams, you barely have time for yourself. As a result, you spend time into the night binge-watching, working, or staring at the

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Does Cannabinoid Help with Anxiety

Does Cannabinoid Help with Anxiety?

The implications of anxiety related disorders are far-reaching. We all belong to the generation that is focused on pushing our boundaries, which is ultimately can reflect poorly on our mental health. The pandemic has stimulated a surge in anxiety related

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