History of Vijaya Extract in Indian Ayurveda

Historical Names of Vijaya in Ayurveda

In recent times, the importance of the Vijaya Extract has been in spotlight a lot.


Today, a lot of people are conflict between using Vijaya extract for medicinal purposes or to believe in rumors. But there is much more to this question. People are largely unfamiliar with terms such as Vijaya Extract and whether it is good for them or does it act like a drug.

So here is a helpful guide for everyone who wants to know more about the Vijaya Extract.


Historical Relevance of Vijaya Extract


Vijaya Extract is among Ayurveda’s several powerful and useful medicines. It does have a wide range of medical effects.This is a specific flora pertaininf to the divine and it is famous by various titles, namely “God Plant” or even “Herb of the Eternal”. It is thought that messengers reside through its foliage and are responsible for its magical effects.


Cannabis was formed, as per Hindu belief, once a long time ago when the Gods and Devils used Mount Mandara to churn the celestial waters. A trickle of everlasting elixir poured from the bottom of the sea and sprouted a cannabis plant that was obtained by churning the violent sea.


Vijaya Extracts are common in various instance in ancient Ayurveda. This extract is popular for its all rounded healing. With this extract, many ailments are believed to be healed, both physical as well as mental.


Its enormous power has been recognised in India ever since dawn of humanity. It is mentioned in several holy books and ancient ayurvedic teachings. In fact, many India mythological folk tales also mention it through the remedial measures of a sage or a Rishi.


Significance of Vijaya Extract


This cannabis extract does not contain any harmful or euphoric elements to daze the user. In fact, the THC i.e the chemical present which gives Marijuana a reputation for euphoric elements is entirely absent from this extract. There are many reported medicinal benefits that users have derived through the Vijaya extract through ages. Here are some of the most known benefits.


General problems


The healing properties of Vijaya extract are seamingly boundless. Many users have reported detoxifying abilities that have helped them as a pert of their daily diet. Many other basic illnesses have been regularly treated with the use of this extract and people have reported many benefits regarding it.


Pain Relief with Vijaya Extract


For ages, the Vijaya extract has made a popular name for itself for its many pain-releiving properties. An ancient Ayurvedic formula ‘Trailokya Vijaya Vati’ helps people releive chronic pain and obtain effective relief.


As a result, many have been using it for pain relief such as arthritis pain, menstrual cramp pain and other severe pains. Access to cannabis suggests a great decrease in the usual conventional pain medications (Bradford and Bradford, 2016).


Epilepsy, osteoarthritis, schizophrenia, glaucoma, TB and vitality problems are just a few of the conditions that are known to be treated with the help of Vijaya Extract. One of the main reasons for this extract being so popular is that it can give relief and remedy a wide range of health probelms. There have even been reports of this extract boosting reproduction and fertility.


Many people who have been facing stomach and other gastrointestinal issues have turned to Vijaya extract for help and befitted greatly. Furthermore, people have also similarly turned to this Cannabis extract for help with respiratory illnesses and problems.


Mental Illnesses


For many people suffering from mental illnesses, this extract has been a life-saver with its immense capabilities. The Vijaya extract is known to help not just people with certain medical illnesses but a wide-spread of them.


These range from minor mental problems such as anxiety to major ones such as depression. Many people with common mental problems such as anxiety and paranoia have used the cannabis extract with positive results.


Intimate Vitality


Many people suffering from vitality related problems have often used the vijaya extract for help. This has helped people in terms of performance as well as a lubricant.

Many libido related sexual problems and other dysfunctions can be treated with this extract. For years together, there have also existed various Ayurvedic remedies that address sexual prowess and other problems.


Overall Benefits


Many renowned medical professionals have used this extract to cure inflammatory bowel disease, neurological system failures, Crone’s disease, dysentery, fever, nasal troubles, and other ailments in certain circumstances. It could also be used as a booster in principle. Vijaya is renowned for promoting equilibrium, or mental and physical balance.


Vijaya is becoming more used as a treatment for chemotherapy-induced vomiting and diarrhea. It is proven to be effective in limiting tumour development.


Using Vijaya Extract


There are many ways to use Vijaya extract. This is because it comes in a variety of options and the products made available to the public are vast in nature. These products come in the form of oils and other substances that can be useful for external application, aromatherapy or other measures.


It is very much advised that you speak with a specific Ayurvedic doctor or medical professional about how to make the most optimum use of Vijaya as well as the appropriate quantity for you. Vijaya is a plant with medicinal properties much like a lot of other Ayurvedic plant and might interact with your existing treatment and produce negative impacts, so be cautious.




Overall. Vijaya extract has gained a lot of momentum in the past few years for its widespread acceptance. Many states and countries have accepted it on a global level and many more are coming to terms with its effects.


Research in labs such as the study in the University of Missisipi, Oxford having commenced in December 2020, has been working on various medicinal benefits that cannabis can show has also shown that we may soon have concrete researched benefits for the Vijaya extract.


This will further go a long way to shine its name in the social circle. While there has been skepticism regarding the side effects and euphoric impact, science has been prevailing among open-minded people.


Medical professionals are feeling it more common to prescribe Vijaya products in India. Always be sure to make sure that you are procuring your Vijaya extract products from a legitimate website so you get the highest quality products.


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