Vijaya for Autism a life changing experience

Vijaya for Autism

The word Vijaya alone drives waves of worry and panic in many. However, Vijaya are comprised of over 500 beneficial compounds that can cure or alleviate the symptoms of several diseases including autism and several neuro muscular disorders. Autism is one such disorder that can be treated using cannabinoid or CBD.


What is Autism?


2% of Children suffer from a condition that makes communicating with others difficult. A good majority of them exhibit the early signs of autism.


Autism is a cognitive disorder that impairs a persons ability to communicate and interact with the people around them. Autism, when left untreated can trigger several other problems that in turn may even lead to a significant decline in overall well being.


Children and adults suffering from Autism particularly experience severe distress when placed in a situation unfamiliar to them.


Symptoms of Autism


Autism is generally diagnosed on the basis of some symptoms sensitivity to light and sound, emotional aloofness and inability to communicate. To evaluate treatment options and identify the avenues for the best possible treatment outcomes, it is extremely pertinent that one is diagnosed at the earliest possible.


Parents: The First Line to Diagnosis


The earlier a child is diagnosed with autism, better are the chances of obtaining positive outcomes. Parents need to particularly keenly observe their children, and take appropriate action once the child is diagnosed. For instance, if a child exhibits extreme anxiety in crowded places, and refuses to interact, the parent should take action and not overlook it.


Treatment Options for Autism


The option of ‘One Treatment Fits All’ does not apply to autism.


The best treatment option for autism involves a combination of medications (both conventional and alternative), lifestyle modifications and cognitive therapy. The different aspects of treatment target the different facets of the disease and help bring about all-round improvement.

Side Effects of Some Treatment Options


While most treatment options for autism are beneficial in treating the disorder, others have long-term side effects. However, parents and patients alike prefer the use of medications, irrespective of side effects as they significantly improve the quality of life in the long run.


Thankfully, we now have several passive and active treatment options that do not have major side effects. CBD, a compound derived from nature is one of them


Research on the use of CBD in the treatment of Autism


Organisations across the world are trying to find solutions to overcome life limiting disorders like autism, and many have concluded that compounds derived from cannabis such as CBD and oils with cannabis infusions are indeed beneficial to individuals suffering from autism.


CBD significantly reduces the anxiety experienced by the individual and helps them feel more comfortable in new surroundings. It also reduces the incidence and intensity of conditions such as insomnia and depression, that occur as a result of autism.


Here are some of the other benefits of using CBD based medications for patients suffering from Autism:

  • Reduces Seizures: Children suffering from Autism are particularly prone to fits or epileptic seizures. Providing A maintenance dose of CBD may help reduce seizures.
  • Anti-inflammatory Treatment: Children with Autism exhibit inflammation of the neurons, resulting in extreme anxiety. Neuro-inflammatory response inhibited by cannabis oil. This treatment options allows children to function relatively normally.
  • Improves Attention: Children with Autism suffer from extreme lack of attention. CBD helps them focus and increases their attention span.


The Bottom Line


In a study of over 500 children with autism, over 40% of the parents using CBD vouched for its effectiveness and impact it has.


Cannabis Oil can may improve the quality of Autism treatment and should be made available to every child and adult who needs this life altering compound for Medical reasons.


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